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Quantum Information Technologies (IT)

Jane’s Carousel in Brooklyn Bridge Park (artists: Sydney Shea & Carol Hsiung for drawing, and Joel Artista for mural) made possible by Mental Canvas LLC, the first to translate hand illustrations into 3D.

Program director

Peter Atherton headshot

Peter Atherton

Pre-submission feedback

Submit an Executive Summary to gauge if a project meets the program's intellectual merit and commercial impact criteria. Please note that responsiveness will likely be limited in the 2 weeks leading up to the solicitation deadline.

Technology topic

Quantum Information Technologies (IT)

The Quantum topic focuses on innovations in information and communications technologies that rely fundamentally on quantum mechanical properties and interactions. Typically, such innovations will involve the generation, detection or manipulation of quantum states in order to provide faster, more efficient or more secure information processing and communications. Quantum proposals could include innovations at the component, sub-system and system level that result in substantial and usable improvements in the generation, transmission, detection, storage or processing of information, or the security and privacy of information. Proposed innovations must offer the potential for robustness, reliability, scalability, and operation at temperatures that are practical within the constraints of the intended application. Innovations at the component and sub-system level should aim for compactness and energy efficiency, consistent with the requirements of the intended application. Applications will in general fall into one of the four broad areas of quantum sensing, quantum communications, quantum simulation and quantum computing.

Learn more about NSF funding for quantum technologies by reading a presentation given by program director Peter Atherton on October 25, 2018.

IT3. Quantum Information Technologies