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Distributed Ledger (DL)

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Program director

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Anna Brady-Estevez

Technology topic

Distributed Ledger (DL)

The Distributed Ledger topic area covers a wide range of technology areas of current and emerging commercial significance and impact spanning all areas of distributed ledger including blockchains, Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs), and related capabilities (cryptography, smart contracts, etc.). Applications of these technologies and approaches across any range of industries and commercial uses are appropriate for this topic area. It is important that the proposed project involve novel, distinctive approaches and/or disruptive innovations that enable high potential impact and competitive advantage in its field of use. These subtopic areas are meant to serve as examples of what entrepreneurs may propose in this space; all distributed ledger proposals with technical innovation and significant commercial potential are welcome, regardless of the specific area of focus of the project.

DL1: Autonomous Systems and Economies, and Smart Contracts

DL2. Blockchain, DAGs, and Next-Gen Protocols

DL3. Convergence with Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence

DL4. Convergence with Internet of Things, Crowdsourcing and Crowdsensing

DL5. Cryptography, Security, and Cybersecurity

DL6. Distributed Consensus and Fault Tolerance Mechanisms

DL7. Distributed Ledger in Edge and Cloud Computing

DL8. Distributed Ledger Interoperability

DL9. Distributed Ledger in Network Architecture and Management

DL10. Financial Technologies

DL11. Human-to-Technology Interfaces and Decentralized Applications (dApps)

DL12. Scalability Solutions and Accumulators

DL13. Trusted Identity and Identity Management

DL14. Other Distributed Ledger Technologies