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Information Technologies (IT)

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Program director

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Peter Atherton

Technology topic

Information Technologies (IT)

The Information Technologies topic encourages the submission of proposals that present ground-breaking innovations in the generation, analysis, use, transmission, or protection of information, where such innovations offer the potential for substantial commercial returns and positive societal impact. The subtopics below provide specific examples of technologies and applications, although given the enormous range and diversity in the field of IT these examples are inevitably incomplete.

IT1. Big Data and Advanced Analytics

IT2. Cloud Computing and High-Performance Computing

IT3. Cloud-based IT Services

IT4. Cybersecurity, Authentication, and Privacy

IT5. Cybersecurity for the Internet of Things

Note: This subtopic is focused on cybersecurity innovations pertaining to IoT. Hardware innovations related to IoT should be submitted to the Internet of Things (I) topic.

IT6. Education Technologies

Note: Note: Applicants interested in proposing education-related projects that align with our program goals and criteria, but which are not related to AI, IT, or robotics, are welcome to submit their concepts under “Other Topics.”

IT7. Human-Computer Interaction, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality

IT8. Image and Video

Note: Image- and video-based innovations that rely on the use of artificial intelligence should be submitted under the AI3 subtopic.

IT9. Mobile Computing, Internet of Things, Cyber-Physical Systems

Note: This subtopic includes IT-based innovations pertaining to Internet of Things (IoT) and Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS). Hardware innovations related to IoT or CPS should be submitted to the Internet of Things (I) topic

IT10. Networking Technology

Note: This subtopic includes IT-based innovations pertaining to IoT networking technology. Hardware innovations related to IoT should be submitted to the Internet of Things (I) topic.

IT11. Social Media and Collaborative Networking

IT12. Software

Note: This subtopic focuses on IT innovations that are embodied in software and provide important new or enhanced capabilities that will usually be generalized, rather than directed to a specific use case. Examples of such capabilities include (but are not limited to): enhanced computational speed or efficiency; new or improved functionality; improved or extended performance; increased ease of use and accessibility. The range of possible innovations under this subtopic is too broad to describe here. Past examples of significant software innovations cover a wide range of technical approaches and resulting new capabilities, and they include (but are obviously not limited to): object-oriented programming; the GUI; HTTP; HTML; TCP/IP; SQL; internet search engine(s); the spreadsheet; word processing; MapReduce; virtualization.

IT13. Other Information Technologies