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Advanced Systems for Scalable Analytics (AA)

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Technology topic

Advanced Systems for Scalable Analytics (AA)

The Advanced Systems for Scalable Analytics topic focuses on innovations needed for building systems that organize and process large and ever-increasing volumes of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data to reveal actionable new insights. It also includes innovative knowledge management and data mining technologies that complement deep learning. Sample topics include data and knowledge management technologies for data acquisition, integration, annotation, governance and provenance; hardware and software for addressing the performance needs of analytical systems; technologies for continual learning in dynamic environments; technologies in data mining, visualization and optimization; and marketplaces for data and models.

These subtopics are only meant to serve as examples. All proposals focused on the development of a new high-risk technical innovation and significant potential commercial and societal impact are welcome to apply, regardless of subtopic.

Subtopics are not aimed at supporting or conducting clinical trials, clinical efficacy or safety studies, the development pre-clinical or clinical-stage drug candidates or medical devices, or work performed primarily for regulatory purposes. Limited studies with human subjects may be acceptable to the extent that they are performed in support of feasibility, such as proof-of-concept studies of early-stage technologies. Proposals that request support for clinical studies will be deemed noncompliant with the SBIR/STTR solicitations and returned without review.


AA1. Building Analytical System for Learning from Dynamic Environments
AA2. Data Mining, Machine Learning (Non-deep learning-based), and Reinforcement Learning
AA3. Decision Support and Optimization
AA4. Knowledge and Data Management Technologies
AA5. Marketplaces for Data and Models
AA6. Novel Visualization Technologies
AA7. Software Technologies for Scalable Analytical Systems
AA8. Other Novel Technologies

Program director

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Parvathi Chundi

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