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Advanced Manufacturing (M)

A finished sample from Branch Technology LLC of a complex shape 3-D printed like nature.

Program director

Elizabeth Mirowski headshot

Elizabeth Mirowski

Technology topic

Advanced Manufacturing (M)

The Advanced Manufacturing topic aims to support emerging innovations in manufacturing with the potential to stimulate the nation’s manufacturing sector by improving its efficiency, competitiveness, and sustainability. Proposed technology should be environmentally friendly, compatible with human health and planet health, and driven by technological advancements. Examples include, but are not limited to, innovative technologies for the processing of a variety of single-component and multi-component materials, biological and bio-inspired materials, flexible electronics, ceramics, polymers, metals, alloys, and novel composites using a variety of advanced manufacturing processes. Regenerative designs using a circular economy approach (a systemic approach to economic development designed to benefit businesses, society, and the environment) are encouraged.

M1. Additive Manufacturing Components and Systems

M2. Bio-Inspired Manufacturing

M3. Cybermanufacturing

M4. Human-Centric Industrial Technologies

M5. Infrastructure

M6. Manufacturing Technologies

M7. Modeling and Simulation

M8. Personalized Manufacturing, Maker Manufacturing, and Maker to Manufacturer

M9. Sustainable Manufacturing and Circular Economy Technologies

M10. Other Manufacturing Technologies