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Advanced Materials (MI)

bioMASON Inc interior and exterior fa├žade tile made with biocement, which is less costly and more sustainable than its traditional counterpart

Program director

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Steve Konsek

Pre-submission feedback

Submit an Executive Summary to gauge if a project meets the program's intellectual merit and commercial impact criteria. Please note that responsiveness will likely be limited in the 2 weeks leading up to the solicitation deadline.

Technology topic

Advanced Materials (MI)

The Advanced Materials (MI) topic addresses the development of new and improved materials for a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications. Proposals in Advanced Materials may focus on the creation of innovative material systems and/or on critical fabrication, processing, or manufacturing challenges involved in the successful commercialization of materials. A wide variety of applications areas will be considered as part of this topic.

MI1. Metals and Ceramics

MI2. Structural and Infrastructural Materials

MI3. Coatings and Surface Modifications

MI4. Multiferroics and Specialized Functional Materials

MI5. Materials for Sustainability

MI6. Other Materials