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Agricultural Technologies (AG)

Development of OrganoBait synthetic bait, the NSF-Supported projected from Kepley BioSystems to provide an ocean-restorative alternative bait product

Technology topic

Agricultural Technologies (AG)

The Agricultural Technologies topic supports innovations enabling farm production ecosystems that support the proper utilization of natural resources. Such technologies may encompass systems-level and multidisciplinary solutions to enable complex agricultural practices that support increased biodiversity balanced with yield production.


AG1. Agroforestry
AG2. Farming in Underserved Communities
AG3. Food Waste Mitigation
AG4. Harvesting Complex Systems
AG5. Improved Resilience through Interspecies Interchange
AG6. Nature-based Solutions
AG7. Polyculture Systems
AG8. Precision Agriculture
AG9. Resilient Supply & Distribution
AG10. Other Agricultural Technologies

Program director

Elizabeth Mirowski headshot

Elizabeth Mirowski