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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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Peter Atherton

Technology topic

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This topic focuses on innovations in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), which refers to intelligence exhibited by machines or software. AI is not a specific technology or technical method — it is instead a field of study aimed at achieving machine-based intelligence. Current AI technologies are targeted at specific problem sets. Artificial general intelligence — machines that can reason like humans — remains a more elusive long-term goal.

AI has the potential to be enormously societally disruptive, and the consequences of its introduction must be carefully considered. Proposers are encouraged to discuss possible negative effects of the proposed technology and how these may be avoided or mitigated.

AI proposals may be submitted either to a broad technical subtopic or under the primary application space, examples of which are listed below.

AI1. AI-Optimized Hardware (e.g., electronic chips)

AI2. Business Intelligence

AI3. Computer Vision, Image and Video Processing

AI4. Decision Management and Optimization (e.g., enterprise platforms, finance)

AI5. eCommerce

AI6. Human-Computer Interaction

AI7. Industrial Systems, including Robotics

AI8. Language-Based Technologies (e.g., natural language processing, natural language generation, speech recognition, text analytics)

AI9. Machine Learning Algorithms and Platforms

AI10. Medical Diagnostics

AI11. Sales, Advertising, and Marketing

AI12. Security, Cybersecurity, and Authentication

AI13. Smart Agriculture

AI14. Vehicle-Based Systems

AI15. Virtual Agents and Assistants

AI16. Other AI Technologies