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Augmented Virtual and Mixed Reality (AV/VR/MR)

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Technology topic

Augmented Virtual and Mixed Reality (AV/VR/MR)

The Augmented Virtual and Mixed Reality (AR/VR/MR) topic focuses on advancing immersive technological experiences for humans grounded in research. Based on the transformative progress made in crafting, perceiving, and interacting with AR/VR/MR across sectors, priority is placed on innovations enhancing shared realities to foster community and collective experiences. Efforts also target advancing hardware and software critical for AR/VR/MR’s future, enabling tailored experiences for individuals based in research or lived experience. The initiative encourages exploratory projects aiming for revolutionary AR/VR/MR applications, emphasizing inclusivity, data security and privacy, user safety, accessibility, affordability, adaptability, and environmental consideration. Innovations should be grounded in rigorous research to deliver novel and transformative AR/VR/MR experiences. Proposals are welcomed that redefine AR/VR/MR through innovative approaches with potential societal breakthroughs, regardless of their specific focus within the AR/VR/MR domain.

Subtopics are not aimed at supporting or conducting clinical trials, clinical efficacy or safety studies, the development pre-clinical or clinical-stage drug candidates or medical devices, or work performed primarily for regulatory purposes. Limited studies with human subjects may be acceptable to the extent that they are performed in support of feasibility, such as proof-of-concept studies of early-stage technologies. Proposals that request support for clinical studies will be deemed noncompliant with the SBIR/STTR solicitations and returned without review.


AV1. Accessible and Inclusive AR/VR/MR
AV2. Enhanced UI/UX for Immersive AR/VR/MR
AV3. Environmentally Sustainable Solutions for AR/VR/MR Design
AV4. Human-Centric AR/VR/MR Analytics for Collaboration
AV5. Immersive AR/VR/MR Fostering Shared Experiences
AV6. Other Augmented Virtual and Mixed Reality Technologies

Program director

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Lindsay Portnoy