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Augmented and Virtual Reality (AV)

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Technology topic

Augmented and Virtual Reality (AV)

The Augmented and Virtual Reality topic aims to support the early-stage development of technological innovations in hardware, software, photonics, displays, communication processes and other augmented and virtual reality technologies. It also supports innovations that bring evidence-based academic discoveries to the public sphere via augmented and virtual reality technologies. Since augmented and virtual reality technology is applicable to multiple industries, proposals should clearly identify target markets, potential paths to commercialization success and competitive analysis demonstrating the need for the proposed solution in advancing the entire field.


AV1. Audio Augmentation and Interfaces
AV2. Computation and Data integration
AV3. Projection and Display Media
AV4. Tracking, Alignment, and Stabilization Technologies
AV5. Wearable Technologies
AV6. Other Augmented and Virtual Reality Technologies

Program director

Lindsay Portnoy headshot

Lindsay Portnoy