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Cybersecurity and Authentication (CA)

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Program director

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Peter Atherton

Technology topic

Cybersecurity and Authentication (CA)

The Cybersecurity and Authentication topic focuses on innovations related to the security and integrity of data and data processing, and the authentication of people and devices. These subtopic areas are meant to serve as examples; all proposals with technical innovation and significant commercial potential are welcome, regardless of the specific area of focus of the project.

CA1. Computation on Encrypted Data

CA2. Cryptography, including Post-quantum Cryptography

CA3. Data Privacy and Integrity

CA4. Device Authentication

CA5. Encryption, including Homomorphic Encryption

CA6. Network and Device Security

CA7. Personal Authentication

CA8. Secure and Trusted Computing

CA9. Secure Machine-to-Machine Communication

CA10. Security of Cloud and HPC Platforms

CA11. Other Cybersecurity and Authentication Technologies