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Environmental Technologies (ET)

Development of OrganoBait synthetic bait, the NSF-Supported projected from Kepley BioSystems to provide an ocean-restorative alternative bait product

Technology topic

Environmental Technologies (ET)

Environmental Technologies cover a range of innovations focused on sustainability, high commercial impacts and societal and environmental benefits. The topic covers a variety of technology areas of current and emerging commercial significance that improve environmental and or environmental health outcomes. Sensing, data, and advanced analytics technologies relevant to these fields are also appropriate. Please highlight any aspects of the proposed technology or approach that address a problem without a current solution, or one which is underdeveloped.

Subtopics are not aimed at supporting or conducting clinical trials, clinical efficacy or safety studies, the development pre-clinical or clinical-stage drug candidates or medical devices, or work performed primarily for regulatory purposes. Limited studies with human subjects may be acceptable to the extent that they are performed in support of feasibility, such as proof-of-concept studies of early-stage technologies. Proposals that request support for clinical studies will be deemed noncompliant with the SBIR/STTR solicitations and returned without review.


ET1. Climate Change Adaptation, Mitigation and Reversal
ET2. Digital Ecosystem for the Environment
ET3. Emission or Waste Reduction and the Circular Economy
ET4. Environmental and Societal Impact Measurement
ET5. Environmental Technologies for Achieving Sustainable Development
ET6. Food, Regenerative Agriculture, and Energy
ET7. Habitat Conservation, Adaptation and Restoration
ET8. Social and Behavioral Science Based Environmental Technologies
ET9. Sustainable Community Systems
ET10. Water Treatment, Resilience, and Sanitation
ET11. Other Environmental Technologies

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