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Environmental Technologies (CT)

Development of OrganoBait synthetic bait, the NSF-Supported projected from Kepley BioSystems to provide an ocean-restorative alternative bait product

Program director

Anna Brady-Estevez headshot

Anna Brady-Estevez

Pre-submission feedback

Submit an Executive Summary to gauge if a project meets the program's intellectual merit and commercial impact criteria. Please note that responsiveness will likely be limited in the 2 weeks leading up to the solicitation deadline.

Technology topic

Environmental Technologies (CT)

Environmental Technologies cover a range of innovations that bring promise of high commercial impact and/or societal benefit for the environment. The topic covers a wide range of technology areas of current and emerging commercial significance pertaining to the technologies and materials that improve environmental and or environmental health outcomes. Sensing, data and advanced analytics technologies relevant to these fields are also appropriate for Environmental Technologies. If the proposed technology or approach solves a problem without a current solution or underserved area, this should be highlighted.

CT7. Water Treatment

CT8. Agricultural and Food Technologies

CT9. Environmental Health, Green Chemistry

CT10. Resource Efficiency, Renewable Resources

CT11. Technologies for Extreme Environments

CT12. Environmental Security and Defense

CT13. Data Technologies, Sensing and Analytics for the Environment