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Human-Computer Interaction (HC)

Development of OrganoBait synthetic bait, the NSF-Supported projected from Kepley BioSystems to provide an ocean-restorative alternative bait product

Technology topic

Human-Computer Interaction (HC)

The Human Computer Interaction (HC) topic aims to support the early-stage development and prototyping of unproven technologies to increase usability of high-intensity human-computer interactive tasks. Intradisciplinary approaches to sustainable products in this topic are encouraged as HCI is an intersection of multiple disciplines, including computer science, behavioral sciences, human-centered design, media studies, and several other fields of study. Subtopics include but are not limited to:


HC1. Analytics
HC2. Conversational Interfaces
HC3. Dynamic and Smart Spaces
HC4. Embodied and Wearable Computing
HC5. Optometry and Human Vision
HC6. Tactile Technologies
HC7. Technology Aids for Disabilities
HC8. Other Human-Computer Interaction Technologies

Program director

Diane Hickey headshot

Diane Hickey

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