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Learning and Cognition Technologies (LC)

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Technology topic

Learning and Cognition Technologies (LC)

The Learning and Cognition Technologies topic aims to cover all learning and cognitive innovations that require research and development to advance the field of STEM education from “pre-K to gray.” This topic supports the development of prototypes or proofs-of-concept and does not support curriculum development or incremental work on existing technologies. Subtopics include but are not limited to:


LC1. Asynchronous and Remote Learning
LC2. Collaborative Networking
LC3. Digital Learning
LC4. Learning and Workforce Development
LC5. Learning Disabilities and Difficulties
LC6. Learning Modalities
LC7. Mental Health Assessment and Support
LC8. Neuroscience-based Technologies
LC9. Scalable Educational Enterprise Systems
LC10. Statistical and Heuristic Analysis
LC11. Other Learning and Cognition Technologies

Program director

Lindsay Portnoy headshot

Lindsay Portnoy