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Medical Devices (MD)

The Neural Analytics Lucid™ M1 transcranial Doppler Ultrasound System is indicated as an adjunct to the standard clinical practices for measuring and displaying cerebral blood flow velocity within the major conducting arteries and veins of the head and neck. Additionally, the Lucid™ M1 System measures the occurrence of transient emboli signals within the blood stream.

Technology topic

Medical Devices (MD)

The Medical Devices topic aims to develop novel medical device platforms, introduce innovative medical technologies or translate emerging scientific principles into health practice. Proposals should be considered leading edge innovations, typically based on a discovery, new approach or new scientific principle to medical devices or technologies.

Limited human subject clinical studies may be acceptable if they are performed in support of feasibility or proof-of-concept objectives. The program does not support proposals to conduct clinical trials for sample size calculations, statistically demonstrate safety or efficacy or the development of pre-clinical or clinical-stage drug candidates. Clinical work performed primarily for regulatory purposes or post market surveillance are also not allowed. Proposals requesting support for clinical trials are noncompliant with the SBIR/STTR solicitation and returned without review.


MD1. General Medical Devices
MD2. Implantables or Procedures
MD3. Materials, Processes, Prototyping Methods or Enablers
MD4. Monitoring or Instrumentation
MD5. Rehabilitation
MD6. Wearables and External Sensors
MD7. Women's Health

Program director

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