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Photonics (PH)

Arable Labs Inc.’s advanced microclimate and crop growth monitoring device, the Mark.

Technology topic

Photonics (PH)

The Photonics topic addresses the research and development of new materials, devices, components, and systems that have the potential for revolutionary change in the optics and photonics industries. Photonic technologies can include anything generally operating in or using photons in the electromagnetic spectrum from gamma rays down to long radio waves. Examples include lasers, various light emitting diode technologies (LED, OLED, QLED), radiation detectors, photonic integrated circuits, optical systems, and novel communications technologies.


PH1. Advanced Metrology and Sensors
PH2. Advanced Optical Components and Systems
PH3. Communications, Information, and Data Storage
PH4. Lighting and Displays
PH5. Photon-based Energy Conversion
PH6. Photonic Materials
PH7. Other Photonics Technologies

Program director

Steve Konsek headshot

Steve Konsek