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Photonics (PH)

Arable Labs Inc.’s advanced microclimate and crop growth monitoring device, the Mark.

Program director

Rick Schwerdtfeger headshot

Rick Schwerdtfeger

Pre-submission feedback

Submit an Executive Summary to gauge if a project meets the program's intellectual merit and commercial impact criteria. Please note that responsiveness will likely be limited in the 2 weeks leading up to the solicitation deadline.

Technology topic

Photonics (PH)

The Photonics topic addresses the research and development of new materials, devices, components, and systems that have the potential for revolutionary change in the optics and photonics industries.

PH1. Lighting and Displays

PH2. Communications, Information, and Data Storage

PH3. Energy

PH4. Advanced Metrology and Sensors

PH5. Advanced Optical Components and Systems