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Final reports and final payment

To receive final payment, you are required to submit a final report and a project outcomes report for the public.

Final report

The report must be submitted via no later than 15 days after the end of your award. We encourage you to include not only the data you obtained during the project, but also discuss the results and how they may inform your future technical and commercialization plans. Follow the guide to submit your final report.

The final report must show your results and actual data for each research objective and task funded by NSF. You should also discuss progress made by your company during Phase I in other, non-NSF-funded aspects, such as business development, customer and partner engagements, fundraising, and building your team.

Project outcomes report

At the conclusion of the Phase I award, you are also required to submit a brief (maximum-800-word) project outcomes report (via which will be made available to the public on the outcomes of your NSF-funded work. The report is public and should not contain confidential or proprietary information. This report is not reviewed or approved by NSF. For more information, view NSF Report Your Progress and Outcomes page.

Final payment

Please note that your final payment will not be processed until after your final report is submitted to NSF and approved by your program director, and your project outcomes report has been submitted.

When you submit your final report, you will certify to NSF that all of the grant funds have been expended (or obligated) as described in the budget. This means that you will have to manage a temporary cash flow shortfall, because the final $25,000 of grant funds will not be disbursed until after these certifications are made and reviewed.