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Forms and checklists for Phase II applicants and awardees

  • Company Commercialization History (XLS)
    If you’ve ever received a SBIR/STTR Phase II award from any agency (including NSF), you’ll need to complete this form.
  • Blank Milestone Chart (XLSX)
    You need to submit this form to show the duration and expenditures of your current project.
  • SBIR/STTR Funding Agreement Certification (PDF)
    Prospective SBIR/STTR awardees need to complete and submit this form so that the NSF can determine whether they’re eligible for an award. NSF will use this certification to determine your compliance during the funding term.
  • Certificate of Current Cost or Pricing Data (Word doc)
    NSF will use this form to certify that your cost and pricing data are accurate and that you’re compliant throughout your funding term.
  • SBIR/STTR Phase II Report Cover Page (PDF)
    Your Phase II funding agreement notes when you need to complete this form, and you’ll be expected to complete it at the times listed in your funding agreement. Completing the form involves checking all of the boxes and having your authorized officer sign and date the certification each time NSF requests it.
  • Phase II Project Schedule (XLSX) – Phase II SBIR and STTR applicants should use this template to create the “Project Schedule” document that is a required part of their Phase II proposal.