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Supplement submission instructions

Submit supplement funding requests, updates and budget revisions in the Supplemental Funding Request Submission System. See below for instructions on how to access the system.

  • From the homepage, select “Sign In” at the top of the page.
  • After entering credentials to sign in to, you will be navigated to the “My Desktop” page.
  • From the Awards & Reporting tile, click the “Supplemental Funding Requests”.

Have questions? Visit the topic-specific Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) which covers everything form uploading documents to checking submission status. You can also explore the demo site for more guidance.

Guidance on Supplement Budget Justifications:

  1. Include a statement in the budget justification indicating that your company re-affirms that the NSF Funding Agreement certification associated with your award are still true and accurate. Language can be as follows: “I affirm that all certifications associated with the award are still true and accurate. The NSF [SBIR or STTR] Phase [I or II] Award titled “######” referenced is the principal award that is being supplemented.”
  2. The budget justification should list a BLS job title and SOC code for each person budgeted to commit effort to the project (based on the details given at the BLS website here: The budget justification should include links to the relevant BLS pages for each budgeted person. The requested effective rate of salary for each person should not exceed the 75th percentile BLS rate for the given job title and location. Requested effective rates exceeding the median BLS rate for the given job title and location should be accompanied by a justification, based on the specific experience or skills possessed by the employee, for the higher salary rate.
  3. Include the following statements/certifications (as part of the budget justification):
    • A statement that “The certifications made under the Phase II award remain true and current, and the signed Funding Agreement Certification for the Phase II award was submitted with award XXXXXXX” (or, if this statement is not accurate, provide a new, signed, updated NSF SBIR/STTR Funding Agreement Certification Form).
    • A statement that “The budget rates in the Phase IIB budget are identical or lower than those in the Phase II budget approved by NSF.” Rates include salaries, indirect costs, fringe benefits, overhead, G&A, unit cost rates, etc.

Guidance on RAHSS/REU/RET/VRS/CAP Budgets: All student/teacher costs are entered under line F as participant support costs. Please enter the number of students/teachers in the “Number of Participants” field in section F of the budget. REU bottom line for the overall budget is either $8,000 for one student or $16,000 for two. (Funds should only appear on budget line F.1)

RAHSS bottom line for the overall budget is either $6,000 for one student or $12,000 for two. (Funds should only appear on budget line F.1)

RET bottom line for the overall budget is either $10,000 for one teacher or $20,000 for two. Note: The total cost of an RET supplement is limited to $10,000 per teacher per year. For both RET Site and RET Supplement, the budget includes a teacher and/or community college faculty stipend of up to $2,000 for the cost of materials, equipment, software and other supplies for developing classroom instructions and experiments. (Funds should only appear on budget lines F.1 and F.4, respectively). VRS bottom line for the overall budget is either $10,000 for one, $20,000 for two, or $30,000 for three. (Funds should only appear on budget line F.1)

Guidance on budgets for all other supplements: please refer to the relevant Dear Colleague Letter for budgetary guidance.