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From the FastLane homepage select:

  1. Proposals, Awards, & Status link (on the navigation bar)
    • PI/Co-PI Log In Enter your login information and press Log in
    • The Principal Investigator (PI/Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PI) Management screen appears; select: Award and Reporting Functions
    • The next screen provides you with 5 Proposal Functions options. Select Supplemental Funding Request
    • A List of Current Awards appears. Highlight the award that you wish to prepare the supplement for. Select Prepare Supplemental Funding Request
    • The next screen Request for Supplemental Funding appears showing all the supplemental funding requests created for this award. Click on Create New Supplemental Funding Request
  2. The Form Preparation Screen Appears (also note the supplemental request has a temporary proposal number assigned). Prepare the selected supplement using the “GO” buttons.
    • GO Summary of Proposed Work: Clear description of the proposed supplemental activity according to the requirements listed in the corresponding Dear Colleague Letter or Solicitation.
    • GO Justification for Supplement: Provide a justification how the supplement will enhance and broaden the project.
    • GO Supplementary Docs: Identification of key personnel who will lead the effort. Their roles must be clearly articulated.
    • GO Budgets (including Justification): Prepare a budget, including a justification of the funds requested.
      - Budget Justification – Include Certifications:
      Include a statement in the budget justification indicating that your company re-affirms that the NSF Funding Agreement certification associated with your award are still true and accurate. Language can be as follows:
      1. “I affirm that all certifications associated with the award are still true and accurate. The NSF [SBIR or STTR] Phase [I or II] Award titled “######” referenced is the principal award that is being supplemented.”
      2. If your company did not submit the NSF Funding Agreement with your original proposal, you will need to fill one out, sign and submit with your supplement request. The NSF Funding Agreement must be included in Supplementary Documents and you will need to include a statement in the budget justification that you have uploaded the Funding Agreement. The budget justification statement can be
      - “The completed and signed Certification Form has been included in Supplementary Documents”.
    • Include a statement indicating that all the budget rates in the supplement budget do not exceed those in the original award (include award number).
  3. RAHSS/REU/RET/VRS/CAP Budget Info: All student/teacher costs are entered under line F as participant support costs. Please enter the number of students/teachers in the “Number of Participants” field in section F of the budget.
    • REU bottom line for the overall budget is either $8,000 for one student or $16,000 for two. (Funds should only appear on budget line F.1)
    • RAHSS bottom line for the overall budget is either $6,000 for one student or $12,000 for two. (Funds should only appear on budget line F.1)
    • RET bottom line for the overall budget is either $10,000 for one teacher or $20,000 for two. Note The total cost of an RET supplement is limited to $10,000 per teacher per year. For both RET Site and RET Supplement, the budget includes a teacher and/or community college faculty stipend of up to $2,000 for the cost of materials, equipment, software and other supplies for developing classroom instructions and experiments. (Funds should only appear on budget lines F.1 and F.4, respectively).
    • VRS bottom line for the overall budget is either $10,000 for one, $20,000 for two, or $30,000 for three. (Funds should only appear on budget line F.1)
    • CAP Budget Info: All costs allocated to the service provider are entered under line G.6 as “other costs”.
    • For all other supplements: please refer to the DCL for budgetary guidance.
    • GO Explanation for Late Request: Provide the reason for the late request. (If Applicable; Phase IICC , RAHSS, REU and RET supplements are not permitted to extend the end date of the award).
    • GO Revised Expiration Date (if applicable): Provide the number of additional months requested for this award (no more than 1 year). Always check with your Program Director before adding any additional time.
    • GO Add/Delete Non Co-PI Senior Personnel: Add the name(s) of the person(s) whom you wish to enter as Senior Personnel on this award. To delete an existing Senior Person highlight the name in the list box where it says “Select a name to remove as a Senior Personnel” and click on “Delete Non Co-PI Senior Person From Proposal”.
    • Click on “Go Back” once you have completed all the necessary forms for the supplement.
  4. At the Request for Supplemental Funding screen select Allow SRO Access
    a. At the Sponsored Research Office (SRO) Access Control screen, select Allow SRO to view, edit and submit proposal.
    b. A confirmation message stating that the SRO has access to the proposal will appear. (Note: The SRO is the individual the company has designated to submit proposals to NSF.)
  5. To Complete Submission:
    • Go to the FastLane Homepage
    • Select from the top the Research Administration link
    • SRO will supply their Last Name, SSN, and Password
    • From the Research Administration Functions for Your Company, select the Proposals/Supplements/File Updates/Withdrawals.
    • Under the Documents in Progress tab, click on the submit icon in front of the supplemental funding request you wish to submit.

If you encounter any problems please call the FastLane Help Desk 800-673-6188, make sure you have your temporary proposal available when you call the Help Desk this will help expedite the call.